Aries & Leo Love Compatibility

Via- Astro Style

Hitch the hero and the royalty of zodiac and you’re bound to expect some enraging fires. They’re either everything or nothing. All at once or never at all. Too good to be real or too bad to even exist. They’re either the stars on a dark sky or the dust of the moonlight. While one demands power, the other demands fame. While one is looking for sexual oneness, the other seeks adoration and cuddles. While one is the winner, the other is a self-claimed star. While one is the Ram, the other is the Lion.

When these two signs come down on the love battle-ground, you’re bound to see some power struggles, flared drama, splayed arguments and a lot more. If you think fire and drama is all that’s there between these lovers, hold on before you find yourself utterly wrong. When the hero and the royalty of the zodiac treasure themselves in their hearts, you’re sure to see some sizzling flirting, mushy sugar-dipped lines and lovey eyes. Their chemistry is the one to set the world on a rage. Theirs is the kind of love that is written in the stars, for when they meet, the sea waves sing in the happiness of their union, the mountains stand tall, leaves fickle and the histories recall, what this great love had done to befall. Expect nothing but the best when these two ardent and passionate lovers realize that there cannot be anybody better for them than the one standing in front. They stir each other’s’ emotions, hearts and souls like a dead man being brought back to life, for they’re the very lifeblood of each other’s existence. Their love is the one that’s stolen from story book pages and heroic fables. No matter what the books tell you, you would not find anything casual about this fiery encounter once they’re deeply involved with their hearts. Promiscuity or even mild flirtations are completely ruled out when a Leo and Aries fall head over heels for each other.

But that’s just one part of the story. Like there’s a flip side to every coin, even this fiery and passionate relation has an undesirable side. The Ram and Lion are like two estranged war enemies and when they meet, there are bound to be some battles (oh! The battles). But the best part is that each battle of theirs brings them closer. After every quarrel or fight, they come running back right into each other’s arms, like a long lost tide returning to its shore, only to fight again later when the temps are rising. You’re sure to hear some mellow drama, heated-up conversations and blame-games on the dinner table. But dare you take it to the bedroom, for that’s reserved for some great adventurous sex, rough nights and wild love-making. The sexual chemistry between these two souls is like the fire in a jungle- wild and uncontrollable and the more you try to extinguish it, the farther will it spread, destroying everything that comes in between. The Ram and the Lion make love like they’ve been hungry since ages and like no one else can quench their thirst; no one but each other. But the best part is that each time they make love, it feels like the very first time and this is exactly how they keep their relationship kicking- upright flirting, good kisses and great sex. Don’t let the sexual heatedness of these two passionate lovers trick you into believing that their love is shallow. Their love is anything but shallow. Just how you cannot expect fire in the absence of air, similarly you cannot expect great sex in the absence of mutual love. And by sex, we don’t mean physical oneness, we mean the all-consuming, soul-stirring lovemaking that frees you and empowers you, all at once. Yes, they empower each other! Their ferocious energies spark a love that’s no less than a fairy tale written on the clouds. Theirs is the kind of love that puts all the other lovers to shame, for once they’ve known that the search is over, nothing or no one can ever break this rock like strong bond.

However, they’re also the lovers that fall in love with each other a million times more when they’re apart, than when they’re together. Theirs is a kind of love that feels like maybe universe conspired all its stories and drama into one. Theirs is the kind of love that steals the sparkle from the stars and the stars from the galaxies, for they are nothing but two halves separated only to fuse into one.

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