AUGUST – Shantanu Garg For The Social Lit


August is symbolic of summer winds, fresh blooms, and serene evenings. The face of the cover for this month is the accomplished interior designer, Shantanu Garg. Crafting bespoke masterpieces, Shantanu’s designs are based on a beautiful blend of contemporary minimalsim and traditional extravagance. The confluence of cross over design is at the forefront of Shantanu Garg Design with curation & consultation of design projects in Italy and around the globe.

Initiating the first project at the age of 21 years, Shantanu Garg is one of the youngest names in design whose work and vision is defined by innovation and individualism.

Shantanu hails from a self carved architectural background with excellence in the field of design and honed expertise that is evident in each of his creations. Having designed nearly 80 – 85 projects in varied spheres such as High rise apartments, Retail, Corporate, Commercial, Hospitals, Offices, Hotels etc. for almost a decade, he is a firm advocate of transforming design into a concept that is idiosyncratic.

Made-to-measure transcends all boundaries today with bespoke spaces being a cultivated lifestyle. Bringing that to the fore, the projects envisioned and actualised by Shantanu Garg Design inhabit compositions derived largely from customisation. With the quest to create spaces that exuberate an amalgam of international design aesthetic and functionality whilst catering to the native demands, research forms an imperative part of the design process at Shantanu Garg Design.

Residential Projects
1) Villa at Jumeirah Bay, Dubai
2) Villas at Jumeirah Golf Estate
3) A host of reputed residences across country
4) Recently completed the home of BVR Mohan reddy hyderbad, owner of CYIENT TECHNOLOGY

Currently Designing 
1) MS Dhoni mumbai residence
2) 30 residences at various locations In India and abroad

Commercial Projects
1) Jaipur Bar Stock Exchnage
2) RJ14, revolutionary in changing fnb model in jaipur
3) Special bespoke salon for Style n Scissors in Bani park and Fairmont hotel Raja Park .
4) Restored Sambhar Circuit house 100 years old property under the name of THE SAMBHAR HERITAGE .

Special Thanks To:

Shantanu Garg, for being the face of our cover.

Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange, for the location.

Siddharth Pruthi, for photographing the cover.

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