7 Annoying Things People Do On Snapchat

We, here at The Social Lit, are obsessed with Snapchat — the stories, the live snaps, the discover channels and of course, the filters.

But of course, the use is sometimes not perfect. We wish there existed a snapchat school that taught people what NOT to post and how to make the same post look 10 times better using the right filters & lighting. But as of now, let’s just stick to a few snap habits we wish were BANNED.

1. Goofy & Random Food Snaps

I’m sure you all have that “Look at my lunch, look at my breakfast, look at my dinner” kind of friend & it’s very annoying, probably one of the greatest pet peeves.

Food snaps are totally cool as long as it’s your lavish tiramisu desert, a three-course five star breakfast or anything feisty and exclusive. But we really DON’T want to see what you eat all through the day, the color of your favourite chocolate wrapper or the remnants or your delicious apple pie. Very sure that you’re cool, but please STOP.

2. Blank Snaps with a text

There is another tribe of people, who NEVER snap a picture. Instead, they place their hands on the back of the camera, click a picture, type something & hit send. Seriously guys, what are you thinking? There’s a reason why snapchat has a provision for texting. STOP using snap camera for sending random texts.

3. Selfies from the sky

And there is yet another tribe of people who love clicking selfies from the sky-high angle, after all sky is the limit. I don’t know who told them that they look good from such an awkwardly high angle or maybe somebody else clicks their selfies for them? You’d never know.

4. The Weather News Channels

There are yet other friends who live in the same town as you, still keep updating you about the weather. Too cold? Snap it. Too hot? Snap it. It’s raining? Snap it! Just snap every damn weather!

5. The Awkward Snapchatters

There’s just endless creativity in the kind of faces people can make over snapchat, some cool, some awkward and some very awkward. Too many possibilities, but please stop sending us your double-chin selfies.

6.  The “Bae” Snaps

Bae is one of those latest social media words that have taken our feeds by storm. This word stands for “Before Anyone Else” and signifies your beau or SO. The trend to use this word started probably from Facebook. Since then, we’ve seen a bucket load of “bae” snaps crop up, with “My Bae” being the award winner.

“When bae leaves”

“When you miss bae”

“That’s my bae”

“I love my bae”

For heaven’s sake, we don’t want to know what your bae did or is doing.

7. The 100-Second Stories | Snap Spam

These Snapchat pros document their whole life stories on Snapchat, as if people woke up just to know about them. Here are a few examples of the annoyingly boring snapchats people send-

“Hahaha” (no one has an idea what they were laughing at)

“Just shopped this”

“Heading to the bathtub”

“Opening door”

“Closing door”

“Securing the door”

What a load of trash!

P.S.- This is just a fun article intended solely for entertainment purposes. There is no reference to any person, whatsoever. 

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