15 Reasons Why Staying In Is The New Staying Out

Let’s be honest: you’d rather lazy around in your favourite sweatpants, have wine & pizza while binge watching your favourite TV show, than go out to the same old party with your friends (Hi5!) The good news is that ‘staying in’ is becoming the new ‘staying out’ among the millennials. Let’s check out why.

1. You can have a better time with your friends at home, simply chilling, gossiping and binge eating that huge tub of ice-cream.

2. You can laze around in your over-sized, comfy t-shirt and not get judged for dressing poorly.

3. Clubs can have a time limit but not a house party.

4. You can have as much takeover food as you want and no one would raise an eye on you.

5. You can catch up on your favourite TV show or start a new series.

6. You can simply take your BRA off and relax.

7. You won’t have to pay for the pricey alcohol plus you can simply enjoy your wine-in-a-bathtub ritual.

8. You’re in total control of the playlist (No sick DJs!)

9. You don’t have to worry about looking fat.

10. For the love of your super-comfy loungewear.


11. You’re on a budget so you can cut down on going out and splurge on online shopping

12. You can spend some me-time & pamper yourself with a hot tub bath or the pending manicure (Very Important).

13. You won’t get hit on by a stranger. (Not that you won’t like it, but just for a change!)

14. Dancing in a pyjama party with your friends is way more fun.

15. You can enjoy a real conversation with someone important and not just some small talk with the guy behind the bar.

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