10 Romantic Movies Every Hopeless Romantic Should Watch

Romance can be the realm, in which you want to stay and bask. It can be the ‘mood of the day’ or the ‘new topic you want to read about’. Romance can be your happy place or something to sleep on it. Be it a Friday night or a Sunday morning, romance can be a great pick of all times. Bring some spilled-ink on those faded love-letters, the guitar strings, a long-spread beach, candle lights and spin a story around the whole ambiance and you will be smiling at the end of the day. 

Such is the romantic movies, which glorify your feelings towards someone, render you to quit the paradoxical mood-shifts and make you bounce back right after a long tiring day. Here’s a run through the 10 most romantic movies which can ignite that hopeless romantic inside you 

1. Titanic

The first movie which backed the top position in this 10 most romantic movies list is the ever-green and ever-young, Titanic. Exchange of love-dripped dialogues, affectionate gestures, playful romance and the whole story-plot of the youthful & stunning Jack & Rose, always leave us wanting more. One can call it a good bargain on a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon, to relax and rewind along with these lovebirds bouncing on that huge ship, turning all of us into a puddle of mush. 

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2. Fault In Our Stars

Now bring some rotten stars and luck, and spin it around a love story; this is something which can wrench your heart and pour out your tears. Not all love stories have a happy ending. Some of the love stories meet sad ends, only to become eternal in our hearts. And this is what, ‘Fault in our stars’ is all about. Nor it’s a serious movie, neither too sad. It’s a perfect combination of a love story with a happy back-drop, along with a good twist of suspense & thrill. 

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3. Pride & Prejudice 

Now let’s turn ourselves a little towards classic romance. No love story is complete without a charming prince or else a strikingly beautiful princess. Get a strong-built prince with a hoarse voice and impeccable intelligence and a queen in bellowing corsets & pearls around the neck & the story already gets interesting. Such is the timeless romance between the all-time famous Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth Bennet, who would make you experience every kind of emotion possible in the name of love. 

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4. P.S. I Love You 

If you want to experience that raw madness in love, then this is the movie to watch. This is about a man who wrote a couple of letters to his wife, which she gets after her husband’s death. These love letters are like a token of remembrance from her late husband, which provides her limitless hope, glee in her then sad eyes and that strong faith to live life as it comes. The romance between two people is not all about the happy times and mushy talks; its also about giving hope to each other when it’s required the most.

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5. Notebook

Another one which made to the list is the movie which has been featured on the great novel written by Nicholas Sparks. He is famous for his romantic novels, maybe because of his artistic ways or you can just plainly say, that the guy is a prodigy when it comes to writing romance. This movie revolves around a couple, who were separated through an act of destiny, but then again they meet not to be apart again. This might sound like a cliched romantic story, but then again- What is romance without a thin slice of cliche in it?  

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6. A Walk To Remember 

Get me some buttered popcorn, a vanilla shake, and a warm blanket; because believe it or not this romantic movie is going to get you all cozy and mushy. You can call this one a teenage romantic movie which will bring back all those crazy fantasies of high school. Make sure you watch this along with your significant other or someone you have been crushing on!

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7. When Harry Met Sally 

Just like this famous saying goes, ‘If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back’. That’s how this movie goes, which makes us believe in second chances and destiny. This will give you real jitters at the end when you would be praying hard for Harry and Sally to be together. 

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8. Dear John

No romantic story is complete without an army backdrop and that’s what this one is all about. The guy loves this girl names Savannah, but then he has to leave to continue his post as a soldier. But just as distances don’t matter in love, these two stays in touch over writing letters to each other.

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9. Pretty Woman 

This is a love story between two people who are as different as day and night. Nothing between them is likely to be familiar. If one likes high-class parties, then the other one is all about cheap society & culture. But as we understand that love sees no boundation, it just happens. That’s what happens between these two and along with this love story, it teaches us a very good message- that no matter what your last name is, complexion or size, love can happen anytime & just for the record, with anyone. 

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10. 50 Shades Of Grey

If you want to watch something erotic yet romantic, then this can be a great pick. Mixed with a good blend of hot-shot romance and kickass erotism, the story is a good thrilling one. (Disclaimer: Make sure the kids are away when you begin with this movie.)

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Any day is good to pick a romantic movie; just make sure it’s a memorable one. Feel free to suggest your own list of romantic movies which makes you all fuzzy!

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