#TSL Lookbook | Work Wear Outfit Inspo For The Empowered Women

Wardrobe Courtesy- Alter Ego | PC- The Wild Stallion Photography

We get to play with styles and take fashion to work in our office outfit. Yay. Mondays – they’re the best of times, they’re the worst of times. Or maybe just the latter if you’re to pay any heed to all the Instagram memes running around. Still, not all is bad on Mondays, cause along the blues and the weekend hangovers we’ve got work wear that can be as classy as it gets.

If our love for all sartorial things has taught us one thing, then it’s that the ‘passion for fashion’ can be both a daydream as well as a nightmare. Let’s get real, how many of us really wake up and start signing with joy cause it’s Monday and we get to pick our favorite work wear? Very few, right? After all, choosing the appropriate work outfit that strikes a perfect combination between chic and classy, without looking OTT is no cake walk (do it too much and you’re the bimbo, do it too little and you’re the drag). If you can dig this dilemma, then today’s post is just for you.

Since the recurring question of ‘what to wear at work’ is pertinent from Monday to Friday, why not take a deep breath and put our creative fashion minds to work? With one side note: we need to figure out how to stop dressing dull to work (oversized shirts, anyone?).

To solve the fashion quandary, we headed out to one of the chicest style stores in Jaipur (any guesses?) and asked them to put out five such outfits that one can wear to the boardroom without looking like the designated ugly fat friend from The Duff. Yes boss ladies, brace yourselves up, cause when it’s Alter Ego, you know it’s exclusive!

Take note: All these outfits have one thing in common- they’re super empowering, super chic and super ready for you to come and own ‘em!

Look #1 – FEMININE | Everyday I’m Rufflin’

Cross Ruffle Jumpsuit By Alter Ego  | PC- The Wild Stallion Photography

Of course, there are days when you’ll wish to dress a tad bit more moderately, but you can still instill some summertime lightness into your outfit choices. This Cross Ruffle Jumpsuit from the fashion mecca of Jaipur is exactly what your workday needs. The color is the stuff you dream of, the silhouette is the one that compliments your curves and the cut is what runway trends are made of. (P.S. – we could have literally lived in this outfit forever.)

Pro tip- Complete this outfit with a pair of nude pumps and a crisp white tote to look sharp and leave everyone swooning with envy. To dress it down, tie your hair up in a ponytail and switch to pointed flats.

Look #2 – OFFBEAT OUTFIT | Wolves In A Pack

Military Jumpsuit By Alter Ego | Photography Credits- The Wild Stallion Photography

Anything ordinary and cliché cannot do justice to a woman who’s got the ambitions of a lioness and brain of a wolf. This outfit in offbeat color is meant for the lady who knows how to get her point across and own the ground where she stands. The olive green color is currently ruling the runway. What makes this number stand out is its sheer modesty that can take you to boardrooms and ballrooms, alike. Its comfy wide-leg structure screams chic while keeping your insides feeling fresh as you’re out & around hustling.

Look #3 – SOPHISTICATED | It’s Always Wine O’clock

Petal Sleeve Burgundy Jumpsuit And White Mesh Fitter with High waisted Burgundy Trousers By Alter Ego | PC- The Wild Stallion Photography

Did anyone say sophistication? Meet the outfit duo that is as sophisticated as it gets. After all, Burgundy is the crème de la crème of all fashion hues out there.  The first outfit is a White Mesh Fitter with High-waisted Burgundy Trousers, perfect for the days you wish to leave a mark on your colleagues and seal the deal right away. The mesh insert lends the fitter a perfect dash of sass. The second outfit is a Petal Sleeve Burgundy Jumpsuit made for the ‘no BS’ lady who can’t have it any way other than her own. What makes this jumpsuit stand apart from the crowd of jumpsuits is that it embraces your body like a second skin and you could literally work, party, dance, and chill in this number, without having to switch your style often (strike a pose!).

Look #4 – STREET STYLE | Power in Pinstripes

Art Attack Top with Navy Wide-legged trousers By Alter Ego | PC- The Wild Stallion Photography

Street style trends have us all swooning over them. But have you ever imagined pulling off street style at work, without looking too casual? We’ve got your back.

With a crisp collar and pinstripe trend, any outfit can take you from the streets to the glorious walls of your office, in no time. Pinstripes trend has been ruling the fashion curve recently and this Art Attack Top with Navy Wide-legged trousers is the way to go for all the #bossbabes out there.

Look #5 – ELEGANT | Power in Pastels

Satin Ruffle Top with Skinny High-waisted trousers By Alter Ego | PC- The Wild Stallion Photography

On the days you wish to sober down your style a little, while still reclaiming your thunder, trust in the power of pastels. This Satin Ruffle Top with Skinny High-waisted trousers is exactly what Anne Hathway would wear in ‘The Intern’. While the ruffles add felinity, the pants hold back the power, thus striking the perfect fusion between a la mode and empowering work wear.

Wardrobe Courtesy- Alter Ego

Photography Credits- The Wild Stallion Photography

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