Practice Tantric Sex To Connect Spiritually With Your Partner & Build A Deeper Intimacy

Tantric sex, is just like slow version of doing sex. It is like hitting the snooze button in between the deep moans and enfolding limbs. Tantric sex is understood as an ancient hindu practice, which involves inciting foreplay which helps in the “weaving & expansion of the energy”. Tantric sex quiets the chaos in your brain and puts your soul at ease and in sync with your partner’s. It’s like playing a “soul-to-soul” mashup with your partner in bed. The idea of exploring your partner’s body, what makes them tick, their sweet spots, their ultimate kicks, their ticklish spots, and other such things which are left undiscovered, are something which are found through the procedure of tantric sex. Tantric sex is something which helps you to connect with your partner on a very spiritual basis. Of course, simple sex with various creative positions is amazing. But, to involve a little dash of some poetic foreplay into the whole thing, would  just make that experience extra-ordinary.

The most challenging thing about tantric sex, is that along with the body your mind is in full swing too. Although your buzzing thoughts are all put at ease, but the erotic corner of your mind is quite heated up! As mind is the most sex prone organ of a human body; tantric sex happens to arouse the mind in such great lengths which are un-imaginable.

The newly weds or else the people who just got into a relationship, should give tantric sex a good try. As, this would allow you to delve deeper into your partner’s needs and demands.

How To Practice Tantric Sex

1. Set Your Surroundings

Use of scented sticks, rose petals, red wines, dim lights and such things which can incite your senses to seek sexual pleasure with your partner should be set up. Its very necessary to calm your senses to indulge your body, soul & mind into pleasuring your significant other. Also, keep plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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2. Prefer “Comfort Over Style”

Instead of the silky satiny lingerie or any pull-up stockings, go for comfort clothing like a pair of cotton top and shorts. This will keep your whole attention to your partner and not in adjusting your clothing every now and then. Ofcourse, you can always go for many layers of clothing, so that you can enjoy the “undressing” part.

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3. Try To Connect With Your Partner

Sit across him, stare into his eyes for a longer period, hold hands for a while, tell something really secretive about yourself to him, ask random questions, keep the conversations going while you lie next to him and so on. These activities would help you guys to connect with each other, on a really personal level. And tantric sex demands a spirtual and mental connection before indulging yourself into an inter-course.

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4. Stay Tuned To Your partners Needs & Wants

Its really required for one to stay attuned to your partner’s demands and desires. To keep following the signals which would lead you to the major inciting points of them; Just like you follow a trail on their back with your fingertips and hear their breath hitch or a little squirming. One must know when to maintain a rhythm, break it or else to start a new one. Focus on your breathing if you feel disconnected or else distracted.

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5. Lets Get A Little Creative

Then, to allow your body, mind and soul to come together and do a little magic dance, you got to put your hands to work. Work your fingertips along their shoulder blades till their chest or bossom. Keep repeating this rhythm till you receive a deep moan or else a relaxed sigh. Catch these signals and keep going. Then stop, and change. The key factor in this tantric sex game is, that one must know when to stop and when to keep going. There is a lot of sexual teasing involved, like head massages, thigh massages, neck massages and the likes. The only criteria to fully tame your partner is to be creative and innovative in your ways.

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6. The Yab-Yum Position

This is the main lead factor of tantric sex, where the male sits cross legged and the female has to sit in his lap, facing him. Then, both of the partners have to embrace each other, limb to limb. Then, breathe into each other and feel every inch while you are in that position. The Yab-Yum position helps one to gather their thoughts, focus on just your partner and to sync with each other’s breathing patterns.

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7. The Tantric Kiss

This is yet another appealing one to do and experience. A tantric kiss is like the normal kissing, but in slow motion. One can always try doing this when in Yab-Yum position. One has to very slowly come close, gently hold their partner and slowly move your lips along with them. The slow and steady motion of kissing would set your soul ablaze, with the amount of concentration which would be built between both the partners.

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8. The Climax

After one has achieved the full control on every rhythm, movement, breath, moan of their partner, then is the right time to indulge into an intercourse. But, the man has to pay attention to the part when he is thrusting, as in tantric sex, every thrust counts. Because with every thrust, you will feel your woman blossoming open like this beautiful flower. Its an amazing boost to your masculine self, when you can see your woman really content and happy altogether. As, due to tantric sex both the partners achieve that high level of ultimate arousal state which then leads to absolute satisfaction.

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