TSL Lookbook: 5 Work Outfit Ideas That Will Take You From Boardroom To Ballroom

If you’re looking for work outfit ideas that will take you from boardroom to ballroom as effortlessly as possible, then search no more.

The offices of top designers are persistently flooded with two things: powerful women and game-changing outfits. Call us prejudiced, but that kind of positive energy on all fronts is addicting, encouraging us to dress like the best version of ourselves at all times, while synchronously clothing ourselves with the confidence required to face the day. But, after-parties and quick dinners are a common scene in the business world, especially industries where creativity is the driving force for survival. And there’s no time for a quick change. So what do the powerful women wear to match both the occasions simultaneously? We’ve got that figured out in today’s post.

Here’s a round-up of 5 work outfit ideas that will let you pull-off the power dressing trend without looking overdressed at work and under-dressed at the after-party.

1. Contrast Panel Jumpsuit

Work outfit Ideas
Wardrobe Courtesy: 11 on 10

We’ve said it once & we’ll say it again: A classic jumpsuit in a sharp color is the most fashion-forward way to look powerful at work, while feeling relaxed under the covers. They’re also great for casual Fridays or offices with lenient dress codes and this is why no list of ‘work outfit ideas’ can be complete without a mention or two of the life-saving jumpsuits.

Team this number with a pair of pointed pumps to send-off the no-drama vibe. There are no hard-and-fast rules about what heel height you should wear to work (or whether to wear one at all), but all empowered women would agree on the fact that no matter what your shoe choice is, make sure it’s always sharp, scuff-free & polished.

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2. Burgundy Self-tie Shirt Dress

Wardrobe Courtesy: 11 on 10

When a skirt feels too fussy, skin-tight trousers too uncomfortable and long-line pants too likely to get crushed and crumpled in an hour, along comes a self-tie shirt dress to save the day. While the button-down style will reclaim your assertive power, the flowing silhouette will keep up with the glamour quotient, & the deep color will lend a certain ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe to your overall look. Team it up with minimal shoes for the noon and a clutch for the night.

Let your inner Miranda out ladies, it’s time to get things done.

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3. Ruffle Flap Overall

Wardrobe Courtesy: 11 on 10

If you’ve always thought of a tailored suit as being a far too corporate choice, then an overall will be your perfect pick. There’s a new wave in town and it’s all different: Modern-day overalls are incorporating the essence of minimalism in them, with a little sass thrown in the form of ruffles and pleats. This sharp & structured overall will help you look all business-y, while feeling more enthusiastic about your wardrobe (and of course the after-party). Just add polished accessories & a dash of color for the complete look.

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4. Fall Overcoat

Wardrobe Courtesy: 11 on 10

It’s all too easy to rely on the same worn-out black coat, but as we prove here, there can be nothing more entrance-making than an overall in a sharp silhouette & a feminine color. Keep the look drama-free with a statement watch and a pair of diamond studs. Complete the look with strappy sandals for the day and polished ankle boots for the night.

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5. Crisp White Shirt With Pleated Skirt

Wardrobe Courtesy: 11 on 10

Make your Monday a little less painful by dressing-up like a boss. While the crisp white shirt will let you retain your ‘Lady Assertive’ status, the pleated green midi will send out a certain creative & feminine vibe to the onlooker, winning you major brownie points. Keep the shoes fuss-free and accessories minimal. Who knows? You might just score the ‘Miss Vogue’ title in your office.

P.S.- This look is apt solely for workspaces with creative dress codes.

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Do you have awesome work outfit ideas that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to comment below.


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